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The Bioactive Natural Products Center of Excellence provides an environment where researchers are encouraged to collaborate to solve complex problems and contribute to the establishment of The University of Tennessee as a leader in agricultural technology. This multidisciplinary approach fosters synergistic relationships, and allows successful programs to flourish.

Research Objectives
  1. Identify, through cross-cultural/cross-national research, archeological data, and other sources, commercially viable plant, insect, and microbial compounds or mixtures of compounds that can be used to control diseases and pests.
  2. Characterize these compounds and optimize their isolation and production.
  3. Develop screening methods for rapid detection, identification and quantification of plant, insect, and microbial bioactive natural products.
  4. Develop protocols for using bioactive plants as horticultural amendments to control soilborne pathogens and weeds in greenhouse crops and as biomulches in field crops.
  5. Develop commercial natural pesticide products for agricultural and veterinary use through partnerships with government agencies and commercial producers of plant and animal health products.
  6. Evaluate the economic feasibility of large-scale production of alternative (bioactive) crops to help stimulate economic development in traditional tobacco-producing regions.

Public Service and Education Objectives

  1. Promote the establishment of alternative high-value crops through education and public awareness campaigns aimed at farmers and other agricultural industry professionals.
  2. Establish a graduate studies curriculum in bioactive natural products.


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