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Safeguarding human health and environmental resources is essential if we are not only to sustain, but to improve the quallity of life for ourselves and for future generations. At present, commercially produced synthetic pesticides are ineffective for some groups of organisms and can cause significant environmental damage. In addition, pesticide residues on food are unacceptable to many consumers. Natural products derived from plants and beneficial micro-organisms are potential solutions to the problems created by the use of traditional chemical pesticides.

Under a University of Tennessee 21st Century Research Initiative, researchers from The University of Tennnessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have joined together to form the Bioactive Natural Products Center of Excellence (BNPCE) to facilitate natural product discovery, evaluation and application. Natural products from native and exotic plants, established crops and beneficial micro-organisms are being investigated for agrochemical, nutriceutical or pharmaceutical potential.

The BNPCE consists of research faculty who are internationally recognized in the fields of anthropology, economics, plant pathology and physiology, horticulture , entomology, ethnobotany and ethnomedicine, environmental protection and remediation, and chemistry. Working together, this group has the ability to take products from folklore to farm.

Production of the raw materials needed for extraction of bioactive natural products represents novel high-value crops that can revitalize low-income farms. In the future, these high-value crops will be grown on Tennessee farms to supplement or replace declining tobacco income or as substitutes for crops that have been lost to foreign competition.

The mission of the Bioactive Natural Products Center of Excellence (BNPCE) at the University of Tennessee is to develop highly effective, environmentally friendly, low-toxicity bioactive products that serve to ensure a plentiful and safe food supply (agrochemicals) and to increase the quality of human health (nutriceuticals and pharmaceuticals).

The vision of the Center is to be the premier research center and international leader in natural product discovery, evaluation and application. In addition, by supporting focused research and the development of commercially viable alternatives, the BNPCE will help agriculture achieve and maintain the critical goal of sustainability.

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